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What's the point of PR boxes?

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

So let is start by distinguish what publicity is:

Publicity is earned media, advertising is paid mean.

PR boxes are different from influencer sponsorships because advertising usually involves a contract that they HAVE TO post with the products because they are getting paid.

PR boxes are sent to influencers and celebrities in hopes they will post the box, brand, or products. It is a big gamble, because you are giving away free products for a slight chance of a post. Publicists don't just send PR packages out to random people. They are strategically picked. They have to have a large following on social media, a good reputation, and in the same niche and the brand.

But if they do post, they will gain lots of traction for their brand, which is way a lot of big brands use this as a marketing technique.

PR boxes are becoming more creative and exciting everyday. Working in PR is always fun when you get to make this packages and send them out to exclusive people.

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