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What Is The Hype About Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a newish social media app that has recently popped off FAST. I have been on there for quite a while. It is my favorite social media right now.

So what is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social media app that is currently in Beta stage, meaning you need to have an invite to get in. Which means it is still KIND OF exclusive. There are many people on there, but it is full of successful, positive people that love to talk about their careers, lives, families, their insights, intelligence, etc.

How it works?

Clubhouse is completely audio. There is no chatrooms, just speaking with your voice. It is basically a LIVE PODCAST that if you miss it, youre shit out of luck. You cannot pause the audio, it is completely live. That is why people see themselves on their for hours and hours.

There are different rooms that where you can find the niche you are interested in. There are music room where the moderators play music and it is just a vibe and relaxing. There are game rooms where moderators just have fun and play funny games with their profile pictures(21 Savage was in that one). And my personal favorites are the success rooms or Mindset for Millionaire rooms. There are SO MANY intelligent millionaires and billionaires in these rooms that give their insights and advice. There was a Shark Tank room where there was Daymond John and other REAL sharks from the show literally helping people with their pitches and giving away actual deals. For goodness sake, I literally heard they gave somebody 100k for 10% stake in their business. CRAZY. I am mind blown.

Not everybody loves Clubhouse as much as me. I have spoken with people, or given invites away and I can see when they were last active and THEY HAVEN'T USED THE APP AT ALL. They wasted my invites and they are missing out on an INSANE ABOUT OF KNOWLEDGE.

I have learned more on this app than I have learned in college, and I have my master's degree LMAO!

This will be the next big thing. I am excited.

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