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Traveling Alone

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Traveling alone is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes getting lost in the world is all it takes to find yourself. Being alone you can really grasp inspiration from other places. But sometimes traveling alone can be kind of scary here are some tips for traveling solo.

1. Be confident.

Being a women in this crazy world can be a little scary. Even if you are apprehensive scared, do not act scared. If you're not confident you could be a target for pocket picker.

2. Make copies.

To make things easier and organized, take copies of all of your documents such as; passport, plane tickets, your credit cards, your itinerary, everything. I would keep a folder of the copied documents with you and at home.

3. Be early.

Be early to your flight so you're not stressing out.

4. Try to learn the language.

If you are leaving the country, try to learn the languages at least a little.

5. Dress appropriate.

You are going to want to do about the norms of where you are traveling to. Some things that are appropriate in the United States are sometimes not appropriate in other places. You want to try to fit in and not look like a tourist. For instance, when I went to Tanzania, we all wore long skirts so we could fit in with the African culture.

6. Meet the locals.

Try to meet local people, you will have the best experiences from learning from them. They give you great tips of things to see or food to try.

7. Do not be afraid to ask somebody to take your picture.

You have to be careful who you ask, but usually asking another tourist isn't a bad idea. I know that I have been some super cool places alone and I was too embarrassed to ask somebody to take my picture. (it's fine... I know I'll go back to Versailles some day.) Don't be embarrassed to ask somebody, because chances are they want their picture taken too.

8. Make sure your phone is working properly.

This is super important. When I first got to France my phone didn't work at all for a whole week. Luckily my parents were still there with me. But it is super important to have your phone working so you can use it to translate, for maps, and for emergencies. So make sure you contact your phone carrier ahead of time if you are leaving the country.

9. Bring a journal.

Traveling alone can be a great time to reflect. Journaling a little each day about what you did, the food you ate, the people you met, or just how you are feeling.

10. Carry Headphones.

Carrying headphones is something that helps if you are in an awkward situation. When you are walking around it is nice to have headphones in so random people don't bother you. When I was around alone in a new place I like to wear headphone but not have music playing because then you wont have randoms talking to you.

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