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Tips For Ringing In The New Year

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

New year, new us, amiright?😂 but honestly I love having a fresh start and having new goals. I used to start the new year way too ambitious and then the excitement kind of fizzles out. Here are some ways to help you start the great so you stay motivated all year:


1.Make a 2019 playlist!

Making new playlist is always a great way to get motivated. It makes to way more to workout or clean the house if you have good music.


2. Make a mood board.

Pinterest is a super great way to get inspiration. I made a “2019” board to look at for whenever I need inspo and it helps me stay on top of my new goals!


3. Do an unfollow cleanse.

Go through the list of people you follow and you’ll be surprised. Weed through the brands that you don’t wear anymore or people that don’t post. Or if somebody you follow posts something that bothers you or effects your mood everyday, start the year by getting them off your feed! For me, I only try to follow people that give me inspiration instead of negative vibes, I can typically tell when people don’t appreciate my posts or are judging me and so I just have to remove all the bad vibes💕✨


4. Go through your computer!

If you’re like me, then when you’re busy you don’t really realize that you have millions of PDFs and photos on your desktop. Go through your computer and make files that pertain to each part of your life. I love doing this... it feels so good to have everything where you need it to be!


5. Make a list.

Literally sit down and write down your goals. Other years I just have ideas in my head that are my resolutions, but once you write them down it becomes a plan. I write my goals down at the beginning of my planner so they are always in my brain!


6. Go through your closet!!

Starting the new year with a nice and clean room and closet is the best!!! Get rid of things you do not wear anymore! I see a lot of people using Poshmark! And I think it’s a really good idea! I tried using Poshmark but I literally have an emotional attachment to most of my clothes (which explains why I have 4 closets in mn)!


Thank you so much for following along on my blog! I’m so thankful for everybody that reads my posts! I hope you all have the best year yet and all of your dreams come true✨

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