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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

This year was my first year at Coachella and I literally want to go every year for the rest of my life....(jk I’m just exaggerating). But yes, it is everything you expect and way more. HOWEVER, if you're not prepared it could be exhausting and difficult. Here are some tips I’ve learned from experience:

1. Wear a freaking mask.

I did not wear a mask the first two days cause I thought it looked dumb or would MeSs Up mY mAkEuP... UGH. Trust me, you’ll want to wear one. The dusk in the air kills your throat and lungs. By the third day I literally thought I had to go to the hospital because I couldn’t breathe (I have throat issues to begin with). They make really cute masks now, so I definitely recommend you wear one!


2. Drink water.

This is obvious, but by the third day I saw so many people fainting and puking all over the place. I felt pretty good but I drank half a Pedialyte every morning just to stay hydrated. It get so freaking hot in the desert and when you’re there drinking and dancing sometimes it’s hard to remember to mix in some waters.


3. Eat!!

I honestly lost weight at Coachella. I‘m not sure if this happens to other people, but we rarely ate when we were there. It’s not that is was too expensive, we literally just forgot to eat lol. We were having way too much fun that it was the last thing on our mind. So try to eat before or bring some snacks in with you just incase.


4. Take your time.

I know it’s super exciting and you want to get there right when it opens each day. You totally can do that but I guarantee you will be exhausted before the best artists. I found that it was best to take my time in the morning, get rested, get hydrated, and show up when you’re ready and when there’s an artist you want to see is on.


5. Lock Screen

I didn’t do this but I definitely will next year! I saw people putting the schedule of the artists on their lock screen so you can quick look at where and when the artist is.


6. Sneak in the goods

Ugh I know, I’m such a rebel. But dang the drinks inside Coachella are super expensive and not strong at all. We put a couple shots into a water bottle and snuck it in. They were super lenient on security this year so it was not very hard. Honestly it saved us quite a bit of money. There are delicious lemonade stands that we mixed with the alcohol. Highly recommend!


7. The Clothes

Literally wear whatever you want. Either everybody's outfits were super cute or super crazy, and I loved it. It is so freeing to wear outfits that are considered weird or inappropriate on a normal day. You want to be comfortable because you are standing in the heat all day.

I know that you see all these bloggers and influencers wearing all these expensive ass PERFECT but uncomfortable outfits, but realistically they are only there for work and to get pictures to promote certain brands. So wear something loose and that isn't too hot. I absolutely love seeing what people can put together to make their outfit look on point.

8. Take a lot of pictures.

I did take a lot of pictures, but I wish I would have taken way more so I can remember it better. (I think that just means I enjoyed myself and wasn't on my phone the whole time.) But I know you will not regret taking pictures. It's hard to get a bad picture/view at this gorgeous place.


If you are planning on going to Coachella next year, do not be afraid to ask me any questions.(I love talking about my experience at Coachella) I'm definitely planning on going the next couple of years, so hopefully I see you there(;