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Retail Therapy Should be Covered by Insurance.

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

You know the when you're just having a really tough day and you think the only thing that can make you feel better is buying some really cute outfits. Too bad retail therapy isn't covered by health insurance. There are actual psychological effects after doing a retail therapy session.

Here are some benefits from retail therapy:

1. Helps you feel more confident

Getting a brand new outfit can bring your self confidence up a lot and sometimes that all you need to get out of a rut.

2. Helps get your creative juices flowing

Shopping actually works the creative side of your brain.

3. Distracts you from sadness

It is good to feel your feelings but shopping can distract you for awhile.

4. Social Connection

When depression/anxiety/stress hits you, it is common to just lay in bed and try to forget the world. It actually helps to get up and socialize even if it is just for a little bit. Going shopping is a good way to get out of the house and walk around the mall. But make sure you don't break down and cry when the sales associates ask 'how are you today?'

5. Helps you relax


How to do retail therapy the right way

When doing retail therapy it is important to not overdo it. It could potentially turn into a very expensive coping mechanism. There isn't technically a right or wrong way, but here are some ways that can potentially save you from regret or debt:

1. Look in you closet.

First take a look at your wardrobe. When practicing retail therapy, it is common that people just go to the mall and just buy whatever. Looking at your wardrobe will keep you buying the fourth pair of black stilettos you didn't need.

2. Leave your card at home.

Just bring a set amount of cash. This is a great idea for people that do not have self control. Just bring 100 dollars cash and then you won't keep swiping your card.

3. Ask yourself these questions before you buy:

Will I wear this more than once?

Does it feel me properly?

Is it in my budget?

What will I wear this with?

4. Online "Shop"

Okay this is one of my favorite hobbies lol. Shop online but don't actually buy these things. There is something so fun about putting a bunch of cute outfits and then not actually spending all the money in your bank account.


If you are are feeling depressed or anxious daily, I highly encourage to go to therapy. The mall can be more fun, but sometimes you need to go a little deeper than that. Therapy is a great tool that can actually give you the tools to feel better. Retail therapy is definitely not a permanent solution, it's just for a random bad day, or a break up.(ya feel?)

Also, if anybody that is reading this is really struggling, feel free to message me. I am not a therapist but I've been there and I can listen and try to help.