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Prada's New Nylon

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Prada is incorporating some new sustainability practices into their business plan, and we are living for it. Prada's is calling this new project "Re-Nylon" and this fabric in made completely out of plastic waste from the ocean. They just started incorporating this fabric, but Prada intends on using the "Re-Nylon" fabric on all nylon bags starting in 2021. The nylon bags are some of the most popular items that Prada sells. Prada creating this new project will help create more awareness for fashion brands to innovate for sustainability.

Believe it or not, Prada has many CSR practices that help the environment. It is important to incorporate corporate social responsibility into a business plan. Corporate social responsibility can be defined as, “a business strategy that incorporates issues of public interest into corporate decision making, in the belief that responsible labor and environmental practices will benefit both the company and society as a whole". The Prada brand sections their CSR plan into three parts; the people, the environment, and the cultural heritage.

The people of the Prada company are very diverse and come from all kinds of backgrounds. The Prada Group believes in the wellness in their employees. They invest in their employees by helping them grow and learn to increase their professional development. The Prada company invests in their employees by increasing their knowledge with “Prada Academy”. This is a learning opportunity that is online and offline that teaches new ideas and increases skills and techniques. The Prada Group ensure safety in their work environments by making their employees a top priority for their company. They have around 13,500 employees and about 62% are women. From their 13,500 employees, they have over 107 different nationalities within the company. Also, the average age of the employees is 37.4 years old. They create an equal opportunity and have a very diverse range of people that work for Prada.

Another part of Prada’s corporate social responsibility plan is a focus on the environment. Prada supports the protection of the environment by reducing land take, renovating existing structures and working toward building requalification have inspired the decisions made in more than thirty years of industrial development. All of Prada’s properties in Italy are ran 100% off of renewable sources. They use nine solar panel systems that have saves over 500 tons of CO2 emissions. Also, Prada had recently announced that they are completely going fur free. They are still using leather, but they have decided to go fur-free starting with SS2020 collection.


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