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How to get an internship in the fashion industry.

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Hi Hello!! As many of you may know, I have had four different internships. Some people honestly think I am absolutely nuts for this. But I have done my research and I know what I am doing. Most other industries don't require having internships at all. I have friends that got jobs right out of college without internships but they are also teachers and nurses. That was never my dream though.

Sneaking your way into the fashion industry is extremely hard. It is essential to work under people and really get a grasp of how it works. These days most jobs require YEARS of experience for an entry level job. So if you interested in how to get an internship in the fashion industry then lets get started.

1. Know what type of internship you want.

There are many sides to the fashion industry. You can pick from design, PR, marketing, social media, production, styling, merchandising, buying, etc.

If you are don't know what category of fashion internship you want yet, I recommend doing a public relations internship. This is a great way to see how showrooms work, how to create press clippings, and meet new stylists.


2. Have a bomb resume'.

- Try to include things like "organized" and "works well under pressure".

- Only have 1 page.

- Add any retail experience you have.

- Make it look pretty

-Make a matching CL

Cover letters are important because they allow the employer to understand you and your personality better. Try to customize the cover letter with the hiring company's name.


3. Check out different websites.

Companies are looking for fashion internship all year round so check out these websites;

- Indeed

- Glassdoor


- Linkedin

- Style Careers



4. Apply and Email

After you have applied to all of the internships you wanted, something I like to do is email the hiring manager of each company. I like to send them a nice email introducing myself and attach my resume', cover letter, and my letters of recommendations. This will get their attention.

If they do not have an email address for you, I would go on to Linkedin and look for the company you applied for. Then you can see the employees and then find the hiring manager or showroom manager.


5. The Interview

WAHOOO YOU GOT THE INTERVIEW!! Interviews can be terrifying, but if you are prepared it can be more like a conversation. It is important to research the company and know the CEO and their brand identity. This more you know, the more confident you will feel going into the interview.

Always have questions prepared. Asking questions to the interviewer makes it seem like you truly care about getting this job. Some of my go-to questions are;

- How long have you worked here?

- Have you always worked in the fashion industry?

- How did you get to where you are now?

- What is the office atmosphere like?

- Is there room for growth? or Can this internship lead to a job with your company?

- How many interns are you planning on hiring?

- What is you favorite fashion trend?

- What is your favorite coffee? (I have heard of a girl asking this, then bringing their favorite coffee to her first day at the internship).

Personality is everything. Be yourself. Smile a lot. Even if you mess up or do a poor job, stay positive and laugh it off. This can help you stand out and prove that you can handle any situation.


6. Send a thank you email!

Sending a little thank you email is just a nice little gesture and helps then not forget about the amazing time you had with them.

I hope you all get that special internship you are hoping for. Thank you for reading my post!! I love you all!

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