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How to be More Sustainable As a Fashion Consumer

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Hey cutie. Wanna know whats trendy af right now? GREEN. No, not the color. I mean green, like eco-friendly. As many people know, fashion is not the most eco-friendly industry. Shopping and the fashion industry is extremely unsustainable for the planet because we are mass producing clothing and accessories and throwing clothing away like it's nothing. Here are some things to consider when shopping:


You can find some hidden gems when you are thrifting. Not only are you saving money, but you are also being more sustainable.

Buy High Quality

I get it, some people cannot afford high end clothing. But it is better to buy something that costs a little more for it to be better quality. It will last longer and be more sustainable.


There are companies that actually allow you to rent expensive clothing. This is good for situations that you will only wear an outfit once. I recommend Rent The Runway and Rebag.

Swapping with Friends

Switching up clothes with your friends can be a fun way to change up your wardrobe.

Slow Fashion

Fast fashion is so easy, but extremely unsustainable. We are all guilty of buying from fast fashion brands. It is so convenient to just splurge on all those trendy clothes that are on sale. I KNOW from experience that people are buying in bulk from online stores and only wearing those outfits one time and then they get rid of them. Terrible. Let's try to wear things more than a couple times. Let's be outfit repeaters. Instead of shopping for super trendy things, let's shop for things that will last a while. Let's shop for things that won't go out of style by next season.

Doing small things every day add up. It helps. So thank you for trying to help save the planet by doing those little things your doing. It's cute. Keep doing you. I love you!

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