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Fashion Month is Around The Corner!

Fashion month is just around the corner, let's talk about it!! In my opinion, September is the best month of the year.

New York Fashion Week is the firs week in September. NYFW is a week full of fashion events, runway shows, and after parties! Great way to network if you are in the fashion industry!

So what is the point of fashion week? Runway shows are to get attention towards your brand. The goal is to get press and attention, which eventually equates to sales!

Here is a video that explains it better!

The Met Gala is also in September this year. Typically the Met Gala is the first Monday in May, but Covid messes everything up and will be on September 13th. The theme is "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion," and I am looking forward to seeing how designers and celebrities interpret that.

Vogue releases their biggest issue of the year in September.

Fall fashion starts in September, and oh my gosh I am excited! Autumn outfits are so much fun to put together because you can use so many layers and neutral colors.

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