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Coping with Anxiety In College

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Here are some things that helped me get through college:

1. Stay organized.

This is huge. Staying organized can relieve so much stress. I typically have two planners with me all the time. One planner had all of my school assignments and my other planner had all of my life appointments.

2. Make school a priority.

Don't put things off, because you will get extremely behind.

3. Don't be too hard on yourself.

If you don't get an A, do not stress. You won't think about it ten years later thinking "yeah I got an A on the one politics project sophomore year of college".

4. Realize when you need help.

Every professor has office hours. USE THEM. If you need help, most professors will help you get a decent grade. From my experience, whenever I'm struggling in a class and go to a professor for help they are more than willing to pump your grade up.

5. Know when you're feeling anxious.

It helps me to realize when I am feeling anxious so I can do something about it. I typically try to drive around and listen to music really loud, go work out, or do a puzzle. These are all things to temporarily distract my mind from being anxious. Everybody is different, so different things will work for you.

6. Dress for success

I know some people might think this is dumb, but it works for me. Every time I had a test or speech I would dress up. Dressing nice would boost my confidence and help me be more confident.

7. Aromatherapy.

Sometimes all you need to relax is to light a candle or use essential oils. I always have an essential oil diffuser in my bedroom. My favorite thing to help calm me down is aromatherapy patches. They come in all kinds of scents, but I found that peppermint is my favorite. I just put these patches on my chest and under my shirt and nobody can even tell you are using them(unless they smell you lol). Here's a link of the brand I use.


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