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3 Major Fashion Marketing Tips

Updated: May 13, 2020

It seems like everyone and their mom is starting a fashion brand these days. The fashion industry is highly competitive. Here are my top three tips for marketing your fashion brand to help stand out amongst the crowd:

1) Be Recognizable.

You want to make sure that you are different, what makes your brand unique? Find a theme and create a brand off of this. You want to be consistent with your brand on all platforms. Use the same fonts, colors, designs. If your inconsistent and all of the place, it is harder for consumers recognize your brand and your brand is easily forgotten about.

2) Identify a brand persona.

Finding your exact target market is the most important step while developing your marketing strategy. Thinking your brand will appeal to everybody is unrealistic, so sit down and draw out your exact target audience.

Developing a brand personality helps you and your employees understand exactly who you're trying to attract.

Kate Spade is a great example of creating a brand persona. They determined that 'The Kate Spade Girl' leads a life filled with travel, arts and books. She’s independent, witty, playful and strong, so everything the brand puts out is consistent with this personality.

While creating your brands persona, get very detailed.

What is her name?

What age is she?

What does she do in her free time?

Does she like to workout?

Is she an introvert or extrovert?


Some brands come up with more than one brand persona, if they attract more than on target market.

3) Create an experience

Consumers get bored easily. Consumers want to experience something exciting and be stimulated. Having a good in-store experience is one of the best marketing strategies. If people have a bad experience while shopping, they are A LOT less to come back and consumers are a big aspect of Word of Mouth marketing.

Glossier has one of the best in-store experiences. They created a very unique store that is memorable.

They completely created a unique experience based on their own target market. From the color, fonts, displays, customization.

Consumers are more likely to remember your fashion brand if you tap into their senses. For example, when you see this picture, what comes to mind?

I'm sure that you can all SMELL the perfume just by looking at this picture. Whether I want to admit it or not, Hollister actually has a great consumer experience for their target market. Hollister's target market is teenagers.

They attract teens by having loud trendy music, dimming the lights, and having VERY potent perfume. They are stimulating the consumer's senses so their brand is easily remembered.